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Newest simulate racing game machine

Recently, I have a new experience with our newest product — 42LCD 4D All dynamic outrun. It’s a newest simulate racing game machine and it’s exciting plot was written by our professional programmer . There are different versions of stories can be experienced.The 42 inch big LCD screen is the best choice for offering you an all dynamic experience. Besides the chair which is made imitate the real car chair and it’s inside has device to move can give you wholly dynamic experience. Let’s talk about the experience of playing the game . Since the machine have exciting plot with high-collection hardware support the experience of playing the game is just like that you’re driving a real car on the road. But as the plot written in the machine is not as flat as that in our life ,you have to face different situation like rocks fall from the mountain the high speed cars come form the opposite direction etc. All of this offer you a new adventure experience — everything happened in the game just like it’s real happened to you.It’s a wholly new experience and you won’t miss it anytime .

So start you journey with QINGFENG, connect us and have your own new experience in our game center .We have different kinds of produce in our game center simulate racing game machines、shooting game machines、amusement game machines basketball ball machines etc. Here we give you the word :you will have a wonderful experience in our game center.

About us :Guangzhou Qingfeng Electronics Co., Ltd is specializing in manufacturing and exporting game machines for 11 years. We are the only game machine company who only do the international game machines. Qingfeng devotes itself to offering one-station service to the investors of game center. We offer the game machines, game center design, game machines combination, profit-creating programs to you. Our aim is to help the investors to save more early-stage cost, and help create quick profits in the following stage.

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