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Qingfeng’s after-sale service department

Qingfeng’s after-sale service department had just set up on 2014 1th Sep. It’s a spercial department with all of our most professtional technicans in and it’s built to solve all of our after-sale technical problem.It’s set up is big set for Qingfeng , since from then on we had a most professtional technical team in game machine industry offering service for all of our customers. With this after-sale service technical team, Qingfeng’s customer service system is becoming perfect.

In the past time if some problems happen to our game machines ,customers had to contact with our sales and then our sales reflect this problems to our technicans then got the solution.Now, since the after-sale service department is set up our customers can contact with our technicans directly that means our work become more efficient.Besides our afer-sale service persons are all professional in offering technical support, and their purpose is to satisfy every of our customers,with thir support we can give you the guarantee: Qingfeng can offer you the best service experience in game machine industry in China.

About us :Guangzhou Qingfeng Electronics Co., Ltd is specializing in manufacturing and exporting game machines for 18years. We are the only game machine company who only do the international game machines. Qingfeng devotes itself to offering one-station service to the investors of game center. We offer the game machines, game center design, game machines combination, profit-creating programs to you. Our aim is to help the investors to save more early-stage cost, and help create quick profits in the following stage.

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