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The 5D cinema opens your eyes to new things

Qingfeng company is a professional game machine manufacturer, specializing in all kinds of game machines for the world.Today I’d like to introduce our 5D cinema.

Movie to everyone not unfamiliar, 5 d cinema estimates there are still some people don’t know, 5 d cinema is on the basis of the 4 d cinema developed a kind of film art form, it contains all the functionality of the cinema 4 d, 5 d cinema use seat effects and environmental effects, simulates the thunder and lightning, wind and frost, rain and snow, a variety of special effects such as explosion shock, sight, hearing, smell, touch and move feeling perfectly together, then add the plot type interactive games, in a surreal feeling with special synchronization performance, stimulative effect, with simulation scenario and special agency set up to simulate the actual events,In the production of vivid three-dimensional picture, with the change of the plot and make full use of interactive props, so that the audience to participate and fully into the plot, experience unreal simulation, thrilling adventure travel.

Entertainment trends

Audience interaction, therefore, is involved in the film is the biggest characteristic of 5 d cinema is different from the previous film, film roles in interactive games with the audience, the audience has the sense of mission and a sense of achievement, in the film and the audience with the film’s role in the interaction at the same time, there are interactive game result of competition between the audience, by sending a considerable part of the audience watching the same movie impulse and desire.This is the unique charm of 5D cinema, and the reason why its commercial value is much higher than other cinemas.

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