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Qingfeng VR Walking Platform

Have you been tired of the traditional simulator shooting game? Do consumers just walk pass your game center without a glance? Haven’t change for a little bit in your arcade for a long time? Maybe you need something sharp and totally different to get them back, and get their passion back.
VR (Virtual Reality) technology is getting hot in game industry now, bringing users experience of a new height. So allow me to introduce one brand new VR game machine, the Qingfeng factory outlet VR World Space Walking Platform agent . With the full set equipment of VR Walking Platform, HTC head-mounted display, 2 control sticks with functional buttons, sensitive movement sensors, shocking sound system, you are allowed to control your action of the role with the movement of your whole body. Crouch, dodge, turn around, punch, just act as normal. What you need to do is just forget everything around you and take yourself into the game, into the virtual world. You are alone in the game, but you are not alone in your struggle, your friends are standing beside you and cheering for you by watching your action via a 60 inch large displaying screen.
What’s more, combining the HTC VIVE – one of the most well-known VR goggles and VR game resources providers, we could get plenty of game resources such as VR simulator shooting games, VR simulator action games, drawing games, etc. I’m sure you would be attracted by the high quality of displaying performance with the HTC VIVE. You could be the hero saving the world, the blade warrior to uphold justice, a painter with the dream of being a great artist, whoever. Get onto the platform, and you have your own world.
What is coming after the furious game? Just take a break, put a sofa against the screen and get some snacks to enjoy a film. Because it is a system just like your PC that could be easily operated via the control desk with a touch screen and full instruction to each function and each game, everyone could manage the machine easily and everyone is always ready to go for a game. And the owner could also get the running status of the machine by remote monitoring.
All the things we do are just to provide you a unique experience of virtual reality by a high-quality factory direct VR walking platform factory . That is, and should be the way of enjoying the wonderful VR simulator game in nowadays.
Worry about the space to place the machine? We have two different size of factory direct platform for your choice to fit your need well. Hesitating about the profit? We could show you the investment and profit plan. Wondering if we are a reliable supplier? We are a gold supplier up to 10 years. We would be longing for your coming.

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