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Qingfeng VR Six-Axis Dynamic Car

What will you do at the very moment when you step into the arcade? Look for the simulator racing game machine. Yes, I believe that everyone, boy or girl, adult, teenager or kid, has a fire deep in the bottom of heart, the desire of driving, the passion of racing. This is what keeps the driving simulator still the most popular game in the arcade. Thus, we have never stopped the steps of digging deeper on improving the experience of car driving simulator game machines.
Recently we bring up the Qingfeng factory outlet VR Six-Axis Dynamic Car game machine. And it soon becomes a hot preference due to its impressive experience that giving to the players. It is a totally different feeling that a traditional car driving simulator game machine could never provide. Normally we could just enjoy the visual effect or a tiny movement of the seat mixed by playing the traditional car driving simulator game. While on the VR Six-Axis Dynamic Car, driven by 6 large-sizes electronic pumps, the whole game platform is allowed to move by a wide margin, including the seats, the control panel and the screens. Besides, you could have a wonderful wide-angle vision with the 3 HQ displaying screens surrounding in front of you. All these are making you extremely feel like sitting in and driving a real car, and I am not sure if you could keep yourself calm and hold your steering wheel steady when you are going through the rugged racing track.
Also you could find the Three-Axis Dynamic Car in the market, which is smaller and with lower price. However, compared with the Three-Axis Dynamic Car, this Six-Axis Dynamic Car game machine is more like a more advanced one. The functions are similar but the experience is just much better. With a more complicated and powerful power system, the performance of the Six-Axis Dynamic Car game machine comes out to be more smoothly and more violently, giving you a further stimulating and exciting feeling.
A hale looking frame, a high-tech displaying system, a strong power system, what we are producing is not just a “lemon” machine, but a car driving simulator VR game machine with an awesome appearance that you could not help getting on up to it and start to run, and a car driving simulator VR game machine with an awesome performance that you would not be willing to get off once you get into the racing game world.
Is that all? No, of course we want more! Now head-mounted VR display screen is also available for this machine, giving you a greatest visual experience. How could you imagine that the best performance of car driving simulator game comes with the best vision of VR? I think the only way is to taste it yourself. And furthermore, we also provide a version of 2 seats. So what are you waiting for? Call up your friend and invite him for your unforgettable ride!!
And now we are sincerely looking for business partners for this machine and VR experience pavilion, no matter you are a trading agent, an importer, or an arcade owner, call us and let’s start our long-term cooperation.

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