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Qingfeng VR World – 9D VR Cinema


When mentioned about the multiple dimensions amusement equipment, maybe most of us have once experienced the 4D cinema, or 5D movies, but how about the 7D? How about the brand new 9D VR cinema? 9D VR cinema is just like a new-born baby that comes into our sight in a very sudden and springs up extremely rapidly in the market, making us feel like we are an outdated primitive man if we even haven’t try it for once. How could we let things get to us like that? Of course we would not, and should not miss it.
9D VR cinemaseries of Qingfeng factory outlet VR world is one of our hit products in this year. Although it has just got into the market for a short time, it is bringing a hot market response. Why do all the people like this machine? – A fantastic experience to every inch of your whole body and a strong stimulation to each of your nerve cell. What does it offer? – Panoramic helmet with newest VR technology and stereo audio system are providing a great VR experience; ear wind, back pushing, air spraying, smoke spraying, leg sweeping, seat vibration, and multi degree motion platform with 360-degree rotation, are calling up your imagination that you are the protagonist struggling against the world in the movie; and with the two intelligent remote control handles, you could even enjoy the games with all these terrific body effect surrounding you. Massive video, continuous updates, interactive games…In a word, it is never a problem what feeling it can give you, but how much you can take.
Another important reason I recommend this machine, is its profitable investment planning that all the business men are caring about. We have versions of one/two/three seats in different attractive shapes with our own copyright, egg, robot helmet, cobra for your choice, with colorful light. It is a machine that people are willing to go for even in an endless queue. Just place one 9D VR cinema machine to where a small space is easily available, the hall in a shopping mall, a corner of a game center, indoor or outdoor, it would soon become the focus of people’s attention, and the centre of the crowds. When you see people surrounding the machine are longing for their turn, people who are enjoying the machine are busy taking deep breath and amazing, screaming, with their mouths opening couldn’t be bigger, when you see some business men are willing to pay more than a thousand dollar per day to rent the machine for running, I believe that it tells everything but I don’t need to explain anything to tell you what you can get from the machine per day, and you would just make up your mind.
We are now seeking for cooperators around the world for this brand new 9D VR cinema. No matter if you are an importer, a trading agent, a playgrounds owner, or anyone who want to make money, just contact us for further discussion.

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