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Qingfeng VR World – VR experience pavilion


Since from early 2016 when Oculus Rife and HTC vive were launched, VR (Virtual Reality) product has been available for general consumers. VR technology is now infiltrating into dozens of industries, such as communication, interaction and social contact, education, government online service, and the one we care most – game experience and amusement. And because of this, the very reason why VR is growing amazingly fast, the potential demand of the market is surprisingly large. According to analysis by some famous companies who want to get into this industry, the demand of market would be about 80 billion US dollars in 2020, and even up to a thousand billion when 2035. VR is a market that every business man wants to get into, is an experience that every consumer wants to taste, and also equipment that every game nerd wants to have. For sure, Qingfeng, a 16-year professional game machine manufacturer, would not miss it. Besides kinds of new VR items, we also build our own VR world – VR experience pavilion in Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in China.
VR experience pavilion is one of the most important modes of VR simulator game industry today. Known as a new technology, VR and its relevant equipment are so expensive that not every consumer could easily afford. If you want to build your own game world in your room, you would need not only one full set of VR glasses, control sticks and sensors, but also a computer with extremely strong hardware configuration on calculation and display. After spending thousands of dollars, you could enjoy your virtual/action game now. But I think the wonder of VR is its experience mixed with the body effect, what gives you all-sided virtual reality stimulation. Then you need to turn to the VR pavilion.
VRpavilion would be a great force to push the VR industrialization moving forward in the coming certain years. Because
1.       What you need to afford is just a ticket, instead of expensive and large equipment.
2.       Long-time experience would mostly cause dizziness. A short enjoyment is more acceptable.
3.       Technology of online communication in VR world is still far from satisfaction, but face-to-face communication with your friends is available in VR pavilion.
4.       Know more about the charm and experience of this new stuff before deciding if you should buy your own one.
Take our Qingfeng VR World – VR experience pavilion as an example. Space knight, dynamic bicycle, space flight, infinite simulator driving, 9D VR cinema, space walking platform, all kinds of the newest VR game machines are available there, attracting thousands of visitors every day. It just costs you a few money and minutes for a great enjoyment, when you are vexed how to kill your time before boarding, or when you couldn’t wait any more to get rid of your fatigue after hours’ flight.
More than 3,000 VR experience pavilions arise in the past few months in China and have a good harvest. As a game machine and one-stop full solution supplier, we are also sincerely hunting for business partners to catch this opportunity. So what are you hesitating for?

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