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Professional team ,Professional 9D VR PLUS

Newest third generation 9D VR PLUS,Pioneered variety of special effects, support 360 degree rotating. High-definition films, no dizziness, perfectly movement synchronized.

Qingfeng 9D VR cinema

Qingfeng 9D VR cinema has 1,2&3 seats for you to choose. Our movies will be continually updated.
    We had deep rooted company culture and a great team with: Army + Family + School stylized team.

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Qingfeng’s after-sale service department

Qingfeng’s after-sale service department had just set up on 2014 1th Sep. It’s a spercial department with all of our most professtional technicans in and it’s built to solve all of our after-sale technical problem.It’s set up is big set for Qingfeng , since from then on we had a most professtional technical team in game machine industry offering service for all of our customers.

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