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You do not know the qingfeng brand entertainment machine technology?

New Treatment to Game Machines in Qing Feng—— Wax Polish

Qing Feng is the only manufacturer who does wax polish for game machines. Wax polish is a finish treatment that prolongs the service life of game machines, saving you a good amount of time and energy on properly taking care of them and therefore increases your profit on game machine business.

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QingFeng game machine company, experiences sales team with strong team spirit

Expecting to absorb more enterprise culture from a company which care about their employees, getting more experiences from sales job, I submited my resume to Guangzhou QingFeng Electronics Co. Ltd. Happily I got an interview appointment and went through so I am a new QingFeng game machine company saleswoman now.
Even though I only have worked in this company for ten days,

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Xinhua news agency: the 125th Canton fair on the “One Belt And One Road” along the export transaction growth trend

The 125th Canton fair concluded on Friday, with the volume of export transactions and the number of buyers attending the fair slightly lower than the same period last year.


Nearly 200,000 buyers from 213 countries and regions attended the fair, 3.88 percent fewer than in the spring of 2018.Cumulative export transactions reached about 19.95 billion yuan ($29.73 billion),

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Stories behind Qingfeng game machine company,a young team

Our company:

Qingfeng, which is the only company in China that specializes in exporting game machines and related products and building projects overseas for our clients. We provide one stop solution to our customers worldwide through the entire project building process, which are site planning, product customization, installation, training and other support services. Most of these are comprehensive projects,

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