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Multiple-players shooting simulator

Qingfeng newest Multiple-players shooting simulator series – Multiple-players shooting simulator, Crossfire, Anti-terrorism, Where the devil run

In nowadays we are laying more and more emphasis on the simulation degree of the game machine. Manufacturers like us Qingfeng, are all focusing on this issue and bringing us new items one by one, such as 9D VR cinema that offering the best vision and great body effect during the movie time,

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Children’s paradise want to make money, the method is too important!

In the business world, the same products and services in the same channel, know the marketing operators are usually better than the operators can not get more benefits. If the traffic is a fixed value, then the customer’s consumption potential can be infinite. Want to get higher income, the best way is to tap the potential of customers,

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Toy crane game machine

Toy crane game machine – QingFeng Electronics Co.,Ltd

There is no doubt that we will feel happier when we win toy dolls from toy crane game machines than just buying it directly.Today we are going to show you our new arrival toy crane machine.
With 110cm in length and 125 cm in height,this machine can contains enough pcs of toys dolls in the craning area for people to choose from.It can be placed at the game center,shopping mall,and even some rest areas on the street.

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Basketball shooting arcade machine

Today please allow me to introduce you all this basketball machine.

As you see,there are 3 screens up there,on the left side that is the highest scoring record ever,timer in the middle and current scoring on the right side.

There are 5 balls given after the game starts.The player will get 2 points when he makes one shot.There are 3 stages for this game and there is a time limit and a scoring limit for everyone:

Stage 1 have to score 75 points in 60 secs.

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Naughty Castle

Naughty Castle
As known as kid`s castle,naughty castle has become a new, muti-functional game center for kids that combines entertainment,exercising,intelligence and sporting,it boosts the growth of Children`s body and mind efficiently.It was created direct against kids natural such as climbing,jumping,drilling,rolling,running etc.Not only naughty castle can creates Children`s special personality and mind,but also is healthful for kids body and mind.In spite of the limitation of the place,naughty is safe,interactive and optional.It is easy to be installed,controlled and convenient to be repaired .What`s more,most naughty castles do not create any extra cost for running,that reduces the the operation cost somehow.The perfect places to build up a naughty castle are as follow:school,kindergarten,park,game center,shopping mall,and supermarket.Naughty castle fits for kids and Children from 2 to 13 years old.

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