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Professional team ,Professional 9D VR PLUS

Newest third generation 9D VR PLUS,Pioneered variety of special effects, support 360 degree rotating. High-definition films, no dizziness, perfectly movement synchronized.

Qingfeng 9D VR cinema

Qingfeng 9D VR cinema has 1,2&3 seats for you to choose. Our movies will be continually updated.
    We had deep rooted company culture and a great team with: Army + Family + School stylized team.

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Multiple-players shooting simulator

Qingfeng newest Multiple-players shooting simulator series – Multiple-players shooting simulator, Crossfire, Anti-terrorism, Where the devil run

In nowadays we are laying more and more emphasis on the simulation degree of the game machine. Manufacturers like us Qingfeng, are all focusing on this issue and bringing us new items one by one, such as 9D VR cinema that offering the best vision and great body effect during the movie time,

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Children’s paradise want to make money, the method is too important!

In the business world, the same products and services in the same channel, know the marketing operators are usually better than the operators can not get more benefits. If the traffic is a fixed value, then the customer’s consumption potential can be infinite. Want to get higher income, the best way is to tap the potential of customers,

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